Lola's Recommendations

There are some products I recommend over and over for my patients. So here is the list of my recommendations and explanations on why I recommend them.

COLLAGEN - Here is the supplement I recommend to my patients for many conditions. Collagen is abundant in our connective tissue and is a buidling block for tendons, ligaments and joints. It accelerates healing from injury or inflammation such as arthritis. It is also a beauty enhancer as it helps maintain and rebuild the collagen in the skin, hair and nails. This particular product is my favorite because it is so easy to use. The container is a shaker and it can be poured directly into any liquid (tea, water, coffee, soup, yogurt), dissolves instantly and has no smell or taste. It is made from grass fed beef bones which is the most nutritious source you can find!

ALLERGY RELIEF - This is my favorite supplement that really works for allergies. Quercetin is a natural antihistamine and it works synergistically with Vitamin C and Bromelain to boost the immune system. Bromelain is a digestive enzyme that helps dissolve mucus. It works on most people but you do have to increase your dose if you don't feel enough of allergy symptom relief. Start with 2 capsules and increase slowly until you feel better. Also you may want to start taking this before the allergy season begins to give yourself a head start.

CUP YOURSELF - I have the exact same cupping set (well, actually about 10 of them) in my office and at home. It is very easy to use and if you are my patient, I will gladly teach you how to use it. My kids could cup me since they were 5 years old so it is defnitely not hard but incredibly effective for relieving pain. Try cupping yourself on the shoulders, back of neck and along your spine (on both sides). Cupping has many uses but the best home use is quick pain relief from muscle soreness. 5 stars!
SLEEP AID - It goes without saying that acupuncture is amazing for improving sleep quality but the next best thing is the acupressure mat. Lay on this mat to stimulate the acupuncture points on your back for about 10-20 minutes before going to sleep and you will get the most relaxing night of sleep. It is also great for relieving aches and soreness of the back muscles after a workout or injury. It is not painful as it looks!
ARTHRITIS RELIEF - This is not just my favorite but apparently many doctors' too. It works very fast for relieving inflammation, especially for arthritis and injury pain. This supplement is completely herbal, borrowing some of the Chinese herbs and some from other cultures. If you feel stiffness, soreness or swelling in your joints, give this a try. I recommend taking this with food as the spicy herbs in this formula can irritate your stomach if taken without food.
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