Payment (or co-payment) for acupuncture is expected at the time of service.


Mostinsurance plans are accepted. Call your insurance company to inquire about coverage and we will be happy to bill your insurance directly if you have acupuncture coverage.


individual session$125
package of 10 sessions$1100
package of 12 sessions$1200

First visit includes consultation, Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis and acupuncture treatment and is about 1.5-2 hours long.

Acupuncture follow-up treatment is about 1 hour long.

Acupuncture can provide a safe, natural, and drug-free approach to reduce signs of aging. Now you can benefit from the Chinese fountain of youth and longevity traditions that were cultivated in Chinese medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years. You can now Improve the muscle tone of your face and neck while addressing underlying imbalances.


Sagging is often caused by long time stress and poor blood circulation to the face. This results in loss of facial muscle mass and leads to sagging. Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture works to nourish the muscles of the face and improve the muscle mass and muscle tone. At the end of the treatment course you can regain the facial muscle mass and firmer facial tone.


One key factor that causes wrinkle formation is the lack of collagen production in the skin as the result of poor nourishment and poor blood circulation to the skin. Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture works to stimulate the blood circulation to the face, resulting in a natural FILLING action in the skin to smooth out the wrinkles, both deep and fine.


How many treatments are necessary?

Usually the results become noticeable after 3-5 treatments. However, to achieve the optimal rejuvenation a series of 10 to 16 weekly or twice weekly treatments are recommended. Everybody responds differently.

Is it safe?

Yes, however, the treatment can sometimes cause minor and temporary bruising. Facial rejuvenation acupuncture is not recommended for pregnant women, patients with severe uncontrolled hypertension and severe migraines.

Are there other benefits besides aesthetics?

Yes, you will look and feel younger and more energetic, calm, vibrant and healthy. Your sleep and digestion (constipation or loose stool) issues will most likely improve.

What is the treatment like? Will it hurt?
First your acupuncturist will check your pulse and tongue and needle the body points. Then finer needles are used to treat the face, head and neck. Needles can cause achy sensations that go away within seconds. Most patients relax and fall asleep for 15-20 minutes. Facial massage completes each session.

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